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about me

I like to collect paper from a wide range of sources; old books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, vintage ephemera, etc.  Paper is my jam.  As a self-taught artist, I started experimenting with various materials and mediums and quickly became intrigued by the creative accessibility of paper. It has since remained a constant medium throughout my body of work. I create multi-layered, intricate, abstract, colorful collages by incorporating hand-cut pieces of paper mixed with paint.  With each piece, the first layers are more erratic and free-form, but I eventually find a sense of harmony and balance through the chaos. Deconstruction is a consistent theme in my work and an integral part of my creative process. I see beauty in imperfections and wear and tear. To me, deconstruction creates a transcendence of time and a revitalization of the past. My experimental approach to art releases it from a lot of seriousness, allowing me to constantly change and evolve as an artist. I gather creative inspiration from graffiti and street art, urban and natural landscapes, and geometric shapes that mimic architecture. I am drawn to the abstract elements of art; color, shape, line, and texture. I create out of my curiosity to see what something might look like when I can find the means to translate my vision to the substrate.

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